weekly update on covid-19 from chancellor jones

Weekly update from Chancellor Jones (Week of April 5)

Posted on April 9, 2021 at 10:11 am

We are continuing to share updated vaccine information.

All University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign faculty, staff and students are now eligible for vaccine appointments. If you have not yet been able to make an appointment, please be patient until more appointments are available, and please check your university email account every day for updates on additional vaccination opportunities. You can also use vaccinefinder.org to look for available appointments nearby.

We are offering COVID-19 testing for university family members through SHIELD CU.

Our university COVID-19 saliva test is now available for family and household members of University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign faculty, staff and students through SHIELD CU, a partnership program with OSF HealthCare. 

We are sharing information about university budget and finance in our COVID-19 Briefing Series.

The captioned Budget and Finance briefing is now available to watch.

We are offering alternative COVID-19 testing for individuals observing Ramadan. 

If you will be fasting during Ramadan and concerned about producing a saliva sample for COVID-19 testing, you can request a nasal swab test. Faculty/staff should contact the Office for Access & Equity at 217-333-0885. Students should call McKinley Health Center at 217-244-5661. Please state that you are requesting the nasal swab test because you are fasting to observe Ramadan. The testing option will be available to from April 12 – May 12.

We are reminding students, faculty and staff to maintain their regular testing schedule and follow COVID-19 safety protocols.

Continue to check the testing locations page or your Safer Illinois app before testing at your usual location. Mandatory testing requirements are still in place for individuals who are fully vaccinated.

I am very grateful for your continued efforts as we work to maximize the safety of our university community. Please feel free to direct questions to covid-19@illinois.edu.


Robert J. Jones