On-Campus COVID-19 Testing

An effective testing program is a crucial part of minimizing the spread of COVID-19 in a community, and testing innovations were developed by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

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Testing requirements

Testing requirements for unvaccinated individuals

Faculty, staff and students who are not fully vaccinated (defined as 14 days after final dose) with a university-verified vaccination record in the MyMcKinley Portal are required to test once per week.

  • Employees who are required to test are not required to test on their non-work days or on remote days, if working a hybrid remote schedule.
  • Employees working at remote, off-site university facilities should follow the established testing frequencies at their location.
Testing recommendations for fully vaccinated individuals
  • “Fully vaccinated” is defined as 14 days after your final dose.
  • If you are a close contact of someone who tests positive for COVID-19 and you are fully vaccinated, you should test 3-5 days after exposure if you do not experience symptoms.
  • If you do experience symptoms, you should quarantine and test immediately. By quarantining and testing immediately, you help protect those around you and prevent many more potential infections from occurring.
  • You should also take an on-campus COVID-19 test if you:
    • Experience COVID-19-like symptoms such as: fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, nausea or vomiting, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, muscle or body aches or diarrhea
    • Return from travel
    • Return to campus for the first time for the Spring 2022 semester
Targeted testing

All residents (vaccinated and unvaccinated) of any building that is identified as having a higher prevalence of COVID-19 than the state average are required to test every other day until further notice. Individuals in these buildings will be emailed when they should begin testing, and they will be emailed again when the targeted testing requirement is lifted.

COVID-19 compliance


Read more about COVID-19 policy enforcement.


COVID-19 policies are enforceable through existing progressive discipline processes, which may result in loss of employment.

On-campus testing accommodations

Students unable to wait in line due to the increased risk of exposure to COVID-19 based on the CDC guidelines for individuals who are at a higher risk of severe complications or students unable to utilize the walk-up facilities with accommodations are eligible to utilize the COVID-19 Drive-up/Curbside Testing Request at Campus Recreation Center East by requesting this alternate method through DRES. This accommodation is limited and only available between 9am-11am at Campus Recreation Center East. Drive-up/curbside testing requests must be submitted to DRES and ID and name checks for approval will take place at the drive-up testing location.

Nasal testing alternative

Faculty, staff and students can call 217-244-5661 to schedule a nasal testing appointment.

Off-campus tests

To participate in on-campus activities, you must participate in the on-campus testing program. If you do get a positive COVID-19 result from an off-campus testing location, you should upload your results to the MyMcKinley Portal.


If I am a student required to participate in the On-Campus Testing Program, what should I do if I miss a testing day? (Example: You forget to test. You were unable to test. You needed to be out of town for a period of time.)

If you forget a testing day, you should be tested as soon as possible.

If you will be away from campus for less than a week, test the day before you leave. Then, if you receive a noncompliance email from the Office for Student Conflict Resolution, please indicate the reason for missing a test. If you will be away from campus for more than a week, update your Student Location address in Student Self-Service. Remember to update this address again when you return to campus. You should resume testing as soon as you return.

What if I miss class because I missed my scheduled test date?

This would be considered an absence and our regular academic policies and practices would apply. Your course syllabus will explain how absences are addressed. In addition to the possible academic penalties, failure to complete your required testing could also result in action through the student discipline process.

I am a student taking all online courses. Do I need to request an exemption from on-campus testing?

No, students who are taking all online courses do not need to fill out an exemption form. Please make sure your address information is updated in Self Service.

I live in University Housing. Will I be able to enter my residence hall if I miss one of my tests?

Yes. But that is the only building you will be able to enter until you have checked in at a testing site and until you have received a negative test result. If you have a current University Housing contract, you will always be able to enter your residence hall.

I am unable to take the saliva test for medical reasons, and/or have received multiple inconclusive results. What should I do?

Faculty, staff and students can call 217-244-5661 to schedule a nasal testing appointment.