Testing Positive for COVID-19

The University has plans and processes in place to help maximize safety and minimize the spread of COVID-19.

General information

Individuals who take an on-campus test will be notified of results via email through the McKinley Patient Health Portal. Check your university email account and access your results in the McKinley Patient Health Portal upon receiving notification of test result availability.

Information for students

Courses and absences

If you receive a positive test, you will need to email your instructors and let them know you will be absent from class. You do not need to share any specific health information with them.

If you are in remote courses, you may continue to attend class online if you are able.

University Housing residents

Students living in University Housing can learn about important University Housing COVID-related information.

Additional resources

You can use the OSF OnCall Connect program that provides information, support and guidance at no cost to you.

The Student Assistance Center (217-333-0050; helpdean@illinois.edu) is also available to help you understand university policies and procedures and connect you with resources, whether related to COVID-19 or other challenges that you may be experiencing.

Information for employees

Notify Illinois Human Resources and your unit

Employees who receive a positive test are required to notify Illinois Human Resources by calling 217-300-9005. Illinois Human Resources will provide information about paid leave options, as well as collect information that will help ensure we take any necessary cleaning or sanitation steps.

You must inform your unit of your absence, but you do not need to share specific health information. IHR will only provide information necessary to take any appropriate safety actions.

If you are doing remote work, you may continue to work if you are able.

Additional employee resources

You can use the OSF On Call program that provides information, support and guidance at no cost to you.