COVID-19 vaccines

All students, faculty and staff are required to be fully vaccinated with a university-accepted COVID-19 vaccine.

Learn more about the vaccine requirement.

Student location address

Students should insert and/or update their “Student Location” in Student Self-Service every time their living location changes. Typically, this is at the beginning of each academic year but could change throughout the year. 

Maintaining updated location information enables campus health and wellness units to communicate proper protocols to students that will help us all maximize safety during the pandemic.

Feeling ill and absences

Students are encouraged to check for any symptoms every day before going to class. If they are feeling ill and/or have a fever, students should not go to class.

In addition, students who test positive for COVID-19 must not attend class. They should contact their instructors letting them know they are unable to attend class (they do not need to disclose they have tested positive for COVID-19 unless they wish to). The university provides electronic access to instructors, in a manner that complies with privacy laws, about excused absences. Students should communicate with instructors about making up missed work.

Class attendance and academic concerns

Each instructor has a class-specific attendance policy. Students should review each course section’s attendance policies, which should be in the course syllabus, and establish open communication with instructors by asking for clarification on any aspect of these policies. If an instructor asks for a verified absence letter from the Office of the Dean of Students, students can submit requests via this website after they have returned to class following their absence.

Undergraduates with questions or concerns should consult with their academic advisors or college office, and graduate students should consult with their advisors or the Graduate College.