Graduate Students

The Graduate College is committed to the success of our graduate students. We recognize that the changing circumstances caused by COVID-19 can impact our graduate students in different ways.

Graduate students enrolled in on-campus programs may be starting the year in Champaign-Urbana with in-person, online, or hybrid instruction, or they may be starting the term remotely from a different location within the US or abroad. Additionally, some graduate students may have assistantship or fellowship appointments. Graduate students enrolled in online programs may be impacted less directly but may still have questions.

The resources below are provided as a starting point to help you find information.

We also advise graduate students to seek information from your academic program because several factors—such as your program’s course offerings and degree requirements, assistantship duties, or restrictions of external funding agencies—may determine the appropriate response.

Please reach out to Graduate College at if you need assistance.

Additional Resources

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