Facilities and Operations

While university operations continue at the University of Illinois, some services may be reduced or have transitioned to alternative delivery methods in order to maximize on-campus safety. Some campus facilities are closed and some in-person services are unavailable.

Please contact specific campus offices or departments for the latest information about a facility’s availability.

On-Campus Offices and Services

The university will continue to operate, including supporting students with services such as career counseling, mental health resources, financial aid information, and the like. Some university employees are working remotely to ensure those who need to be physically on campus will be able to avoid contact with others as much as possible. As such, some services may be limited or offered remotely. 

Many offices that would normally offer walk-up or in-person services may have either cancelled in-person appointments entirely, or are asking you to call first in order to make an appointment or set up a teleconference. You are asked to email or call ahead before visiting any office or facility on campus.

Additionally, anyone entering a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign facility must follow university requirements such as wearing a face covering and practicing social distancing. Please do your part to help keep our university staff, students and faculty safe.

Major Facilities and Venues

The university’s COVID-19 website has an extensive list of news and updates from colleges and units. The smaller list below includes major facilities and venues on campus, including many that normally would be open to public events. Please visit these websites for the latest information from these facilities and venues.

Student Affairs COVID-19 Support Resources

Student Affairs maintains a comprehensive list of COVID-19 resources for students as well as information about hours and availability for a number of resources, offices and on-campus businesses.

Visit the Student Affairs COVID-19 Resources page.

Cleaning Facilities

The university has created enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols for once it is confirmed that persons confirmed to have COVID-19 have been in a university facility. These protocols are available online.

COVID-19 Signage in Facilities

Facilities and Services has posted a number of signs at the entrances of university building and in public spaces. Additionally, sign templates have been created that units and offices can print out and hang in their spaces. These include signs reminding people of face covering requirements and the need to social distances.

Units can access these signs from a Box folder.

Facilities and Services Consulting

Facilities & Services Health and Safety Response Teams are available by appointment to consult with departments and units on questions regarding social distancing space considerations. Requests for assistance should be directed to covid19fsconsulting@illinois.edu.

Indoor Space Specifications

The Office of the Registrar’s Indoor Space Specifications web page provides a number of useful space management resources including:

  • A list of study spaces that can be reserved,
  • Adjusted classroom capacities that factor in COVID-19 requirements such as social distancing
  • Classroom technology specifications
  • Campus building hours

Visit the Registrar’s Indoor Space Specifications page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you reduced police services on campus?

No. All emergency and non-emergency services offered through the University of Illinois Police Department will be available through spring break and beyond. The department remains fully staffed at all hours of the day.

Additionally, the SafeWalks service remains available for anyone who needs to travel on campus at night.

I need signage with wording that is not available in the digital suite the university is providing. What do I do?

You can either type your own message on the blank template in the digital suite, or you can email Illini Union Marketing Director Erik Riha (eriha@illinois.edu) and request that a new sign be added to the suite.

Will water fountains be operational in campus buildings?

Water fountains remain in operation throughout campus buildings, but students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to bring their own water to minimize the usage of the units. Similar to the guidance on restrooms and other common areas in facilities, personal responsibility for following the recommended public health best practices is strongly emphasized. Individuals should remember to treat a drinking fountain as a frequently touched surface and wash or sanitize their hands after using it.

More information about cleaning university water fountains can be found on the Cleaning Campus page.

Additional Resources

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