Building Access

To maximize the safety of our entire community, the university is limiting access to on-campus instructional facilities to individuals who are in-compliance with safety requirements.

NOTE: There will not be Wellness Support Associates spot-checking building access status for Summer 2022. COVID-19 testing compliance will continue to be monitored through digital mechanisms that are tied to discipline through Student Affairs and Illinois Human Resources.

Building access process

Students, faculty and staff are required to have completed an on-campus COVID-19 test and received a negative result OR have university-verified Vaccination Record Card to access university facilities.

At some facilities, you may be required to show your building access (which shows if you are compliant via being vaccinated or testing, by using the Illinois app or the Boarding Pass). You are not required to share or prove your vaccination status.

All students, faculty and staff participating in on-campus activities start with their building access status set to Access Denied. To initially have your status changed to Access Granted, you must have a recent negative COVID-19 on-campus test result OR a university-verified Vaccination Record Card.

Buildings with in-person classes

Specially trained employees called a Wellness Support Associates (WSAs) will conduct daily spot checks across campus at various classroom buildings. Certain buildings may also choose to hire their own WSAs for the semester.

At each WSA-staffed entrance, any individual (faculty, staff or students) who wishes to enter must show the WSA their building access status. This status shows that an individual has a university-verified Vaccination Record Card or is up-to-date for on-campus testing (does not have a positive COVID-19 test and has not been instructed to quarantine or isolate for any reason).

Individuals should wait their turn to display their Access Granted status to the WSA in a line.

Building access for other facilities

Other university facilities may also check building entry status for individuals who plan to work on-campus. There may be different mechanisms to check for building entry status at non-instructional facilities. Students will receive more information about building entrance status as it relates to residence halls, dining halls and other student services. Units in non-instructional buildings should clearly communicate to their employees about the building access protocols they will use.

Who can check building access status

The building access screen only shows if someone is compliant or not – either through vaccination or testing. This is to protect everyone’s private health information. You are not required to share or prove your vaccination status.

Individuals are required to show their building access status to the following individuals:

  • Wellness Support Associates (WSAs)
  • Instructors (including TAs)
  • Supervisors
  • Academic advisors during meeting time
  • McKinley Health Center, Student Counseling Center and Faculty Staff Assistance Services
  • IHR civil service testing locations

How to show building access status

The university is providing a number of ways for verifying your building access status.

Illinois app

The Illinois App is the primary way for faculty, staff and students to display their COVID-19 Building Access Status.

COVID-19 Boarding Pass

As an alternative method for verifying building access status, the university has created a COVID-19 Boarding Pass system.

Students, faculty and staff with an active NetID can log in to the COVID-19 Boarding Pass page and click “Get Status.”

The website will display the individual’s Building Access status as either Access Granted or Access Denied. The webpage with this information can be physically printed out and shown during a building access check, or the individual can log in to the Boarding Pass website on their phone at the check.

Log in to the COVID-19 Boarding Pass site.

Wellness Support Associates

Wellness Support Associates are specially trained employees who help enact the university’s COVID-19 building access.

College & unit information

Wellness Support training is also available for units and departments in facilities where in-person courses are not being held. Units or departments interested in implementing the program are encouraged to contact Brian Brauer at

Frequently Asked Questions

What if there is no one checking access at the door of my building?

If there is no WSA on duty at your building, and you have a university-verified Vaccination Record Card or you are current on your testing and not supposed to be in isolation or quarantine, please head to your class as you usually would. WSAs will not necessarily be at every building every day.

Can colleges/units/facilities hire their own WSAs?

Yes. Colleges or units can hire their own WSAs, as long as those individuals go through the required training. Units or departments interested in implementing the program are encouraged to contact Brian Brauer at

What happens if someone causes a disruption at a building entrance?

Our Wellness Support Associates undergo training to deal with conflict. If someone causes a disruption, they will be trained to reach out to a supervisor to deal with the issue.

How will contracted employees and vendors gain entry to buildings when WSAs are present?

Contractors doing work in buildings where WSAs are present can be escorted into the building by the facility manager, unit head or other designated person by the unit head.

Are Wellness Support Associates part of the police department?

No. The Wellness Support Associates are university employees who are not part of the University of Illinois Police Department. They are part of the university’s COVID-19 safety response team.